Our Story

At Crowe’s Farm, we produce a range of Outdoor Reared pigs and Organic poultry which we sell throughout Ireland. Established in 1981, John Crowe began hand rearing batches of Landrace Pigs on the family farm. From our independent, family-run business we have dedicated years to perfecting traditional methods of meat preparation to give our customers only the best quality pork and bacon products and Organic poultry all over the country.

Based in the heart of the Golden Vale in Tipperary Our Outdoor Reared Pigs are raised on the family farm and butchered on site in our butchery. We use traditional farming methods which is sympathetic to the pigs welfare given the Irish climate. This ensures both quality and a unique and diverse range of breeds to stock on our shelves. Each animal is slow reared to ensure healthy happy pigs who have the opportunity to access the outdoors ad-hoc.

Our passion for good food coupled without our ambition to farm in a responsible manner which is sustainable is what drives us to create only the best products for you to enjoy. We have a passion for innovation within the food industry which is why we regularly have some new or exciting products which will be available on our website.

Over The last 40 years we have gained numerous awards and achievements from our foodie piers. Most notable was our award in 2012 for the best overall organic products in Ireland beating off stiff competition from over 100 other products. We pride ourselves in our Farm to fork traceability, from our hand reared pigs by John Paul to Our Artisan Butchers Eamon and Tj before being distributed nationwide to all the top restaurants and homes by Patrick.

For online orders, each order is carefully prepared by one of the Crowe brothers to your specification and hand-packaged, before being delivered from our farm to your doorstep.


Our range of artisan bacon products are managed or sourced by a member of the Crowe family. On our farm all our outdoor reared pigs are hand reared by John Paul Crowe before being processed by TJ, Ned and Patrick Crowe in our state of the art family butchery and from there delivered to our customers all over Ireland. Crowe’s Farm delicious, handmade, artisan bacon.

John Paul Crowe
TJ Crowe
Ned Crowe
Patrick Crowe